The Arctic: ecology and economy
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ISSUE 2(30) 2018

Issue 2(30) 2018

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I. Economics and management in the Arctic zone
Menshutkin V.V., Filatov N.N., Druzhinin P.V. A current state and forecasting of the socio-ecological-economic system of the White sea watershed with use of cognitive simulation 4
II. Ecology
Yakovleva E.V., Gabov D.N. Accumulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in plants of tundra affected by thermal power station in the vicinities of Vorkuta 18
III. Research activities in the Arctic  
Tishkov A.A., Belonovskaya E.A., Vaisfeld M.A., Glazov P.M., Krenke A.N., Tertytsky G.M. «The greening» of the tundra as a driver of the modern dynamics of arctic biota 31
Tolstikov A.V., Chernov I.А., Martynova D.М. Sources of data for numerical simulation of the White Sea for developing the Russian Arctic area 45
Makkaveev P.N., Polukhin A.A., Seliverstova A.M., Stepanova S.V., Chultsova A.L. Dynamics of nutrients in estuarine area of the Lena river: results from cruises in September 2015 and 2017 56
IV. Shipbuilding for the Arctic  
Nikitin V.S., Simonov Yu.A., Polovinkin V.N. Prospects of the development of domestic arctic marine technologies related to liquefied natural gas 68
V. Study and development of natural resources of the Arctic 
Bogoyavlensky V.I., Sizov O.S., Bogoyavlensky I.V., Nikonov R.A. Technologies for Remote Detection and Monitoring of the Earth Degassing in the Arctic: Yamal Peninsula, Neito Lake 83
Shipilov E.V. Basaltoid magmatism and the problem of the gas potential of the East-Barents megabasin 94
VI. New technologies for the Arctic
Chechetkina E.V., Yeltsov I.N., Menshikov S.N., Ermilov O.M. Innovative mediation in the implementation of scientific projects on the territory of Arctic — experience of the Temporary Interdisciplinary Research Team YAMAL 107
VIISafety of human activities in the Arctic
Kulikov K.N., Nizamutdinov R.A., Blagoveshchensky A.Yu., Titov N.V., Mantula N.V., Domanov A.A. Major Scientific and Technical Problems in Radiation-Safe Decommissioning of Nuclear-powered Icebreakers: Decision Options 118
Tripolnikov V.P. Оn registration of ice navigation risks along the Northeast Passage 125
VIIIRegional problems
Tortsev A.M. Efficiency of management of fishery resources in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation: features of assessment 131
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