The Arctic: ecology and economy
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ISSUE 3(23) 2016

Issue 3(23) 2016


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I. Research activities in the Arctic

Remote identification of areas of surface gas and gas emissions in the Arctic: Yamal Peninsula, V. I. Bogoyavlensky, O. S. Sizov, I. V. Bogoyavlensky, R. A. Nikonov

Ferromanganese crusts of Mendeleev Swell: the features of composition and formation, N. P. Konstantinova, G. A. Cherkashev, G. V. Novikov, O. Yu. Bogdanova, V. Yu. Kuznetsov, P. V. Rekant, J.  A.  P.   Mirão, L.  C.  R.  Dias, P. Madureira

Strategic research priorities of Russia and foreign countries in the Arctic Region, K. S. Zaykov, M. R. Kalinina, N. A. Kondratov, A. M. Tamitskiy

On tsunami hazard in the Arctic Region, E. A. Kulikov, A. I. Ivashchenko, I. P. Medvedev, O. I. Yakovenko, S. A. Kovachev

II. Ecology

Development of methodological approaches to the assessment of economic losses caused by oil spills in formation of insurance protection of offshore facilities on the shelf, N. A. Valdman, N. L. Malyarenko, L. A. Kulikova, S. N. Kuzyachkin, R. E. Emelyanov

III. State administration in the Arctic zone

Prospects for inclusion of Leshukonsky and Pinezhsky municipal districts of the Arkhangelsk Region to the Arctic zone of the Russian  Federation, A. V. Alsufyev, A. G. Shnayder

IV. Economics and management in the Arctic zone

Economic aspects of fisheries and sale of the north-east Arctic cod, A. M. Vasilyev, V. V. Komlichenko

V. Study and development of natural resources of the Arctic

Search-oriented geological-genetic model of tin placers of “tectonic terraces” of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, A. V. Lalomov, R. M. Chefranov, A. V. Chefranova, A. A. Bochneva

VI. Shipbuilding for the Arctic

Study of world experience of ice conditions control, A. I. Kostylev, K. E. Sazonov

The prospects for development of nuclear-powered icebreaker fleet, M. M. Kashka, A. A. Smirnov, S. A. Golovinskiy, V. M. Vorobyev, A. V. Ryzhkov, E. M. Babich

VII. Regional problems

Effect of anthropogenic impact on ecological capacity of the Arctic territories of the Republic of Komi, T. V. Tikhonova

VII. Column of Editorial Board

Scientific and technological support for solving the strategic Russian problems in the Arctic



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