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Arctic: ecology and economy
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The effect of water temperature anomalies at low latitudes of the ocean on Arctic climate variations and their predictabilityAlekseev G.V., Vyazilova A.E., Glok N.I., Ivanov N.E., Kharlanenkova N.E.AARI3 (35) 201973-83
Zonal distribution of the Russian Arctic biotKonovalov A.A., Ivanov S.N.IPND of Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS4 (32) 201895-103
A current state and forecasting of the socio-ecological-economic system of the White sea watershed with use of cognitive simulationMenshutkin V.V., Filatov N.N., Druzhinin P.V.EMI RAS, NWPI KarRC RAS2 (30) 20184-17
Climate dependence of biota in the north of the Tyumen Region (the quantitative aspect)Konovalov A.A.IPND of Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS1 (21) 201628-37
The Problems of Scientific Support of Maritime Activities in the area of the Northern Sea RouteMatishov G.G., Dzhenyuk S.S.MMBI KSC RAS1 (13) 201448-56
Studies of the Kara Sea in the modern stage of development of the Russian ArcticMatishov G.G., Dzhenyuk S.S., Brekhuntsov A.A. 1 (9) 20134-11
X International Conference The resources and risks of regions with permafrost in the changing worldZaitseva N.N. 4 (8) 201294-95

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