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Kara sea
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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Dynamics of nutrients in the Yenisei Gulf during the open water periodMakkaveev P.N., Polukhin A.A., Nalbandov Y.R., Khlebopashev P.V.IO RAS4 (36) 201969-82
Electrochemical profi ling is eff ective and environmentally friendly method of search and exploration of hydrocarbons in the Arctic seasSnopova E.E., Anokhin V.M., Kholmyansky M.M. 2 (22) 201682-89
Studies of the Kara Sea in the modern stage of development of the Russian ArcticMatishov G.G., Dzhenyuk S.S., Brekhuntsov A.A. 1 (9) 20134-11
Cooperative Russian-Norwegian Investigations of the Western Arctic Seas Radioactive Contamination at the Areas under Local Sources ExposureTsaturov Y.S., Nikitin A.A., Shershakov V.V.ROSHYDROMET, Typhoon NPO2 (2) 201126-35

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