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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Arctic resources and opportunities for their developmentSochneva I.I.MIEP4 (20) 201570-77
Methodical aspects of exploration of gravel deposits on the shelf of Arctic and Far East seas using magnetoacoustic techniquesSmirnov A.N., Popova E.E., Mishchenko O.O., Burdakova E.E., Glinskaya N.N., Palamarchuk V.V.FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia1 (17) 201547-51
Development of geophysical monitoring systems in the ArcticMalovichko A.A., Vinogradov A.A., Vinogradov Y.Y. 2 (14) 201416-23
Contribution of the Russian Academy of Sciences to Modern Exploration and Development of the ArcticLaverov N.P. 1 (13) 20144-9
Comprehensive monitoring an integral part of safety of the Russian ArcticVyalyshev A.A., Dobrov V.V., Bolshagin A.A., Dolgov A.A., Zinovyev S.S., Oltyan I.I., Gorbatsky V.V.Krylov SRC, Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies1 (13) 201438-47

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