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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Anthropological Expert Review: Academic Discourse and Indigenous Peoples ExpectationsNovikova N.I.IEA of RAS1 (29) 2018125-135
Territories of traditional nature: development limits or economic growth factors?Potravny I.M., Gassiy V.V., Afanasyev S.M. 2 (26) 20174-16
Social responsibility of mining companies in the territory of traditional nature management as a basis for partnership between the government, business and indigenous peoples of the NorthPotravny I.M., Gassiy V.V., Chernogradsky V.V., Postnikov A.A. 2 (22) 201656-63
Mining in the traditional territories of indigenous peoples: features, problems and regulatory mechanismsMasloboev V.A., Vinogradova S.S.INEP KSC RAS, CHP KSC RAS2 (18) 201596-103
Indigenous Peoples of the Russian North and Petroleum Companies: Overcoming the RisksNovikova N.I.IEA of RAS3 (11) 2013102-111

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