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Arctic: ecology and economy
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The submarine K-27: echo of the pastLobkovsky L.I., Dmitrevsky N.N., Ananyev R.A.IO RAS2 (14) 201436-39
The features of emergencies in the Arctic zone of Russia and a way to response on the basis of risk conceptMakhutov N.A., Lebedev M.P., Bolshakov A.M., Zakharova M.M., Glyaznetsova Y.Y., Zueva I.I., Chalaya O.O., Lifshits S.S., Gadenin M.M., Ammosov A.P., Syromyatnikova A.A., Permyakov P.P. 1 (13) 201410-29
Priority projects of the program of the Arctic Sea rehabilitation from sunken and submerged nuclear and radiation hazardous objects and the necessity for international cooperationSarkisov A.A., Antipov S.V., Vysotsky V.V.IBRAE RAN4 (8) 20124-15

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