The Arctic: ecology and economy
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ISSUE 4(24) 2016

Issue 4(24) 2016


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I. Economics and management in the Arctic zone

Arctic entrepreneurship: the conditions and opportunities for development, N. Pilyasov, N. Yu. Zamyatina

Mining Projects for the Eastern part of the Russian Arctic, the Far East and Transbaikalia: Is there a way to solve the old problems? N. Yu. Samsonov, Ya. V. Kryukov, V. A. Yatsenko

II. Ecology

Assessment of current geo-ecological status of the Kola Bay based on geochemical data, V. A. Shakhverdov, M. V.  Shakhverdova

III. Study and development of natural resources of the Arctic

Low-sulfide platinum ores of Norilsk area — promising sources of precious metals, S. F. Sluzhenikin, V. V. Distler, A. V. Grigoryeva

IV. Research activities in the Arctic

Destabilization of relict methane hydrates with observed changes of regional climate, M. M. Arzhanov, I. I. Mokhov, S. N. Denisov

Reconstruction of paleoclimate indicators and biota by group pollen spectra in the north of Western Siberia, A. A. Konovalov, S. N. Ivanov

Modern geodynamics of Gakkel Ridge according to seismological data, Yu. G. Kutinov, Z. B. Chistova, T. Ya. Belenovich, A. N. Morozov

Comparison and use of observations and modeling of level in the Kara Sea, E. V. Borisov, . N. Rayevsky

V. Shipbuilding for the Arctic

Development of advanced patterns of cryogenic steels for gas vessels and stationary storage tanks of liquefied natural gas designed for Arctic conditions, Yu. Matrosov, V. N. Zikeev, P. G. Martynov, E. V. Shulga, V. S. Nikitin, V. N. Polovinkin, Yu. A. Simonov, A. A. Semin

VI. Safety of human activities in the Arctic

Forecast of emergencies at oil and gas facilities and elimination of consequences of emergency oil spills in arctic climate, A. Makhutov, M. P. Lebedev, A. M. Bolshakov, M. I. Zakharova, Yu. S. Glyaznetsova, I. N. Zueva, O. N. Chalaya, S. H. Lifshits

VII. Regional problems

Prospects for development of aquaculture in the western part of the Russian Arctic, A. A. Lukin, V. V. Bogdanova, V. V. Kostyunichev, A. E. Korolev

VIII. The problems of the Northern Sea Route

Icebreaker support for the largest national Arctic hydrocarbon projects, V. V. Ruksha, S. A. Golovinsky, M. S. Belkin



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