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The Arctic: ecology and economy
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Rare-metal potential of placer deposits and weathering crusts of the Russian ArcticLalomov A.V., Bochneva A.A.Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of RAS4 (32) 2018111-122
Substantiation of mechanism of prevailing governmental participation in development of highly liquidmineral resources in the ArcticSamsonov N.Y., Afanasiev V.P., Pokhilenko N.P., Tolstov A.V.Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, V.S. Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences1 (25) 20178-18
Ferromanganese crusts of Mendeleev Swell: the features of composition and formationKonstantinova N.N., Kuznetsov V.V., Cherkashev G.G., Novikov G.G., Bogdanova O.O., Rekant P.P., Mirão J.J., Dias L.L., Madureira P.P.P. P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute, St Petersburg University, I. S. Gramberg All-Russia Scientific Research Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Ocean, Evora University, Estrutura de Missão para a Extensão da Plataforma Continental3 (23) 201616-28

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