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The Arctic: ecology and economy
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Effect of change in oil viscosity to spill characteristics in cold marine environmentSazonov K.E., Lobachev M.M.Krylov State Research Centre1 (13) 201496-103
Rescue equipment for ice conditions: the current situation and potential solutionsSazonov K.E.Krylov State Research Centre4 (12) 201332-39
Some questions on the establishment of marine transport systems for the removal of hydrocarbons from the ArcticDobrodeev A.A., Sazonov K.E., Dekhtyaruk Y.Y.Krylov State Research Centre2 (10) 201384-91
The marine ice-technology development in Russia: Past and PresentSazonov K.E.Krylov State Research Centre2 (10) 201392-103
Features of scientific research and hydrographic work at high latitudes under the iceKatenin V.V.State Research Institute of Navigation and Hydrography2 (10) 2013104-109
Methodology for justification of the selection of complex manufacturing processes on the example of the salvage of the submerged object in the ArcticKramorenko A.V., Erokhin A.A., Ageev A.A.he Research Institute of Rescue and Underwater Technologies, Navys MESC Naval Academy1 (9) 201384-91
On the sea information network systems in the ArcticKovalenko V.V.Scientific Council on the complex problem Hydrophysics of RAS1 (9) 201392-99

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