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Arctic: ecology and economy
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PhD of Military Sciences

. . . (Ushakov Baltic Naval Institute)

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Creating of the Arctic Ocean fleet and its part in providing communications in the Arctic during the First World WarAmusin B.M., Alekseenko A.I., Kinyakin I.I. 2 (10) 2013110-115
Intelligence activities of the naval forces of foreign countries in the Arctic regionAmusin B.M., Alekseenko A.I., Kinyakin I.I. 4 (8) 201290-93
Names of the Military Seamen Participated in the Great Northern Expedition on the Map of the Arctic (to 275 anniversary of the Great Northern Expedition)Amusin B.M., Alekseenko A.I., Kinyakin I.I. 3 (7) 2012104-111
From East to West in the Arctic Waters (to the Hundredth Anniversary of Navigation of Taimyr and Vaigach Icebreaking Steamers)Amusin B.M., Kinyakin I.I. 2 (6) 2012102-107
M. Lomonosov and Research of the Arctic and the Northern Part of the Far East by Naval SailorsAmusin B.M., Kinyakin I.I. 1 (5) 2012104-409

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