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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold and Related Deposits: Geological and Genetic Models and Perspectives for the Arctic Regions of RussiaSoloviev S.G.IGEM RAS4 (36) 2019118-130
Geodynamic formation setting of the strategic metal deposits in the Russian Arctic zoneVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Lobanov K.V.IGEM RAS2 (34) 2019109-119
The mineral wealth of the Circum-Arctic BeltVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Lobanov K.V.IGEM RAS1 (33) 2019106-117
Gold ore deposits and Cretaceous granitoid magmatism of ChukotkaVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Sidorov A.A.IGEM RAS1 (29) 2018104-115
Prospects for identifying strategic metals deposits in the Russian ArcticVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Lobanov K.V., Murashov K.Y.IGEM RAS1 (25) 201759-74

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