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The Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
Home Archive of journals Issue 1(29) 2018 Popigay deposit of diamond-lonsdalite superabrasive material an arctic project with a high-innovative potential


JOURNAL: 2018, 1(29), p. 15-25

RUBRIC: Economics and management in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

AUTHORS: Samsonov N.Y., Kryukov Y.V.

ORGANIZATIONS: Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

DOI: 10.25283/2223-4594-2018-1-15-25

UDC: (332.14)(332.154)

The article was received on: 10.11.2017

Keywords: innovations, new types of abrasive raw materials, regional cooperation, technological efficiency, economic development

Bibliographic description: Samsonov N.Y., Kryukov Y.V. Popigay deposit of diamond-lonsdalite superabrasive material an arctic project with a high-innovative potential. The Arctic: ecology and economy, 2018, no. 1(29), pp. 15-25. DOI:10.25283/2223-4594-2018-1-15-25. (In Russian).


The article examines the prospects and issues of embedding a new type of raw materials (super-abrasive diamond-lonsdaleite raw material of the Popigay deposit, northeast of the Krasnoyarsk region) in a knowledge-intensive economy and modern technological chains in the context of the development of domestic critical technologies, import substitution and expansion of export potential. It is shown that the new raw materials in terms of efficiency in the relevant areas exceed the existing types of natural and synthetic technical rough diamonds. However, new raw materials are not represented on the market, and additional study of its properties is also required. The mechanism of embedding new raw materials in the market environment could be the formation of interregional technological chains “north-south”. The end result could be the production of diamond powders and high-performance diamond tools.


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