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JOURNAL: No. 3(27) 2017, p. 69-85

HEADING: Shipbuilding for the Arctic

AUTHORS: Myasnikov, Y.N., Horoshev, V.G.

ORGANIZATIONS: Krylov State Research Centre

DOI: 10.25283/2223-4594-2017-3-69-85

UDC: 629.5

The article was received on: 21.06.2017

Keywords: diagnostic assurance, information computation complex, complex control system of technical means, floating thermal nuclear power plant, software-hardware complex of technical diagnosis, system of centralized control, functional independent element

Bibliographic description: Myasnikov, Y.N., Horoshev, V.G. Technology of diagnostic assurance of the floating thermal nuclear power plant. Arctic: ecology and economy, 2017, no. 3(27), pp. 69-85. DOI: 10.25283/2223-4594-2017-3-69-85. (In Russian).


World and domestic experience in the operation of stationary and transport nuclear power generation industry shows that a significant place in the problem of increasing the efficiency and safety of using atomic energy plant (AEP) is given to methods and means of technical diagnosis. Their adaptation allows the increasing of safety, reducing of the probability of operator’s errors in the process of identifying abnormal situations, eliminating of the radiation accidents and the associated danger of environmental pollution. System of centralized control of the floating NPP is built on the information basis of sensors of thermal engineering parameters. The nature and range of variation of these parameters are described with the single impulsive function. As a result, only the fact of malfunction of AEP is detected. Problem of diagnostic assurance of the station is reduced to solving two main tasks: formalization with following automation of procedures of searching the malfunction of AEP and, taking this as a basis, forming the recommendations (advises) on the control actions to the nuclear power plant equipment (intelligent operator advisor) to the staff; elaboration of the composition and system implementation of instruments and equipment with the new physical principles, that is going to help to define the current technical condition of the equipment, to predict its changes during the operational process without the dismantling. Realization of the task allows switching to the operation of the station according to the actual technical condition and technically providing the required safety and effective use of the floating NPP. The article presents a detailed technology for solving the formulated diagnostic problems, brought to practically significant algorithms. Development and adaptation of methods and systems of diagnostics of the floating NPP equipment are considered as an effective tool for improving the complex control system of technical means of the floating NPP. Their adaptation provides a transition from routine (by operating time or calendar time) maintenance to a strategy based on the actual technical condition of machinery and apparatus. This is a world practice, and if Russia plans to enter the world market with the floating NPP, the implementation of the diagnostic assurance program is inevitable.

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